“Specialists in Early Childhood Education”

Hyde Park Day School

Hyde Park Day School

Seaborn Day School Beach Park

Seaborn Day School Beach Park

Seaborn Day School Davis Island

Seaborn Day School Davis Island


Specialist in Early Childhood Education

Specialist in Early Childhood Education

Seaborn Day Schools began in 1981 with the vision creating a unique educational childcare center to assist children developing emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Seaborn Day Schools is the leader in early childhood education in the Tampa Bay area as it gives children the love, respect and attention they deserve.

Caring For Your Child

Seaborn Day Schools is a nurturing place that will care for your child, ensure his or her happiness, and teach him/her how to interact with others socially. Experienced early childhood professionals will guide your child through learning and development.

Goals in learning


One of the many goals at Seaborn Day Schools is to give children the tools they need to feel loved and nurtured as they learn, develop, and relate to others socially.

Caring Spirit

We have the experience, knowledge and caring spirit to prepare your child for success in life.

It is all about learning at Seaborn Day Schools

About Learning

From creative play equipment, which develops important physical skills, to educational videos, DVDs, CDs and field trips Seaborn will help your child develop.

We operate from an air conditioned, carpeted facility which includes catered nutritiously planned hot lunches.

Program Hours:

Half Day – 8:45am to Noon
Full Day – 7:30 am to 6:00pm
Afterschool – 2:30pm to 6:00pm
(morning care when needed)


Stimulating Surroundings
A sensitive, stimulating environment for early learning to meet the emotional and intellectual needs of young children.

Development and Readiness

Teaching The Basics
Instructional programs in reading, math and writing as well as vocabulary development for each child.


Spanish (conversational): fun activities, stories, and songs to stimulate interest in and love for another language.

Learning Centers

Full Curriculum
Language, math, art, creative play, puzzles, games, books, science, housekeeping, and listening skills.

Physical Education

Muscle Development
Group and individual activities for coordination and large motor skills.


Singing, rhythms, and body movement. Introduction to instruments and note recognition.

Arts & Crafts

Small muscle development, creative freedom, and positive reinforcement.

Dramatic and Creative Play

Storytime (listening and recall), creative drama, acting out stories by playing the characters.

Learning is fun


The mission of the Seaborn Day Schools is to achieve excellence in the development and readiness for a successful educational future, providing a sensitive stimulating environment for early learning to meet the emotional and intellectual needs of young children.


We believe that the early years of a child's life are the most important in the development of a successful educational future. A child's needs, both emotional and educational, must be met in order to prepare him for future endeavors. The development of a positive self-image will ensure that your child will have an enthusiasm and love for learning and the self confidence and capabilities of exploring new experiences. With these goals in mind we feel that your child will benefit from an educationally and emotionally sound early learning experience at Seaborn Day Schools.


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